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Healing From Trauma – By Pastor Tony Rapu

August 1, 2019

Many people come to church. They sing, they clap, they dance, they look good on the outside, they say the right things, they go through the motions of Christianity, but beneath the externals, they are bleeding internally. They need attention and healing; inside is pain, hurt, guilt, and anger. Even pastors, elders and deacons are themselves victims of torment and anguish of sort.

The Bible talks about those who mourn in Zion. They are adults with trapped little children on the inside.

Many kids are traumatized by fathers. Others are physically and emotionally abused by parents. Some children have grown up hearing harsh words like “I wish you were never born” or ‘Stupid’ or ‘useless; kids embracing rejection and ridicule.

We hear of the abomination of fathers molesting their daughters sexually; too many people crying silently at night, weighed down by grief and sorrow from the past; many full of regrets and pain from previous tragedies.

Jesus said HE was sent to heal the brokenhearted. And where do these broken hearts come from? From abuse, from disappointments, from divorce; from broken bodies, engagements and marriages.

To embrace healing therefore, we have to turn-on the light on the situation that traumatized us. This is the beginning of a journey into healing.

We must confront the terrible, hidden, childhood memories; we must break down the barriers of guilt, shame, rejection and withdrawal as healing commences and as we acknowledge the pain of the past.