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Letter To The Christian Association Of Nigeria (CAN) About The Inconsistency Of The Association

We are therefore confused about CAN’s position on this matter. From saying COZA is not a member; to saying that the allegations must be investigated and then a public declaration of support.

Rev Supo Ayokunle
National President
Christian Association of Nigeria (CAN)
National Christian Centre
Central Area, Abuja

The Inconsistency Of The Christian Association Of Nigeria (CAN)


Dear Sir,

On Friday, June 28th, an interview granted by Mrs Busola Dakolo, alleging that Pastor Biodun Fatoyinbo of Commonwealth of Zion Assembly (COZA) raped her,was made public.

On Wednesday, July 3rd, CAN’s National Director, Legal and Public Affairs, Mr Kwamkur Samuel Vondip issued a statement stating:

The association recognises that COZA, to the best of our knowledge, is not a member of any of the families that belong to CAN.

CAN, as an association, is equally sad that there have been recurrent allegations of rape and infidelity against some gospel ministers and other Christians as well.

While efforts must be made to get to the root of the matter through thorough investigation, the association condemns totally any act of infidelity either by a pastor or any member of the church of God. Immoral relationships with anybody in the society are against the teachings of the Bible and the church, and we urge all believers all over the country to run away from them.

On Thursday, July 4th, another interview was made public of an ex-COZA employee who is also accusing Pastor Biodun Fatoyinbo of rape.

On Sunday, July 7th, in a statement by Joseph Daramola, CAN’s Acting General Secretary stated:

Having reconciled us to Himself through Jesus Christ, God has committed to us the ministry of reconciling the world unto Himself and to one another.

Since both Pastor Fatoyinbo and Mrs. Timi Dakolo are Christians, the leadership of CAN is already seeking ways to address the issues in order to heal every wound already inflicted on the parties concerned and the body of Christ in general.

It is our hope that steps which will exacerbate the current damages already done will be avoided.

As we seek the help of CAN Elders and the Holy Spirit in resolving the current problem, it is our prayer that both parties will sheath their swords and stop the media war in the interest of the Church and for the greater glory of God.

Yesterday, Sunday, July 15th, two CAN executives – Rev Samson Jonah (CAN Chairman, FCT) and Rev Israel Akanji (CAN Chairman, North-Central) were guests at COZA.  Rev Jonah stated:

I assure you that we are with you, and we will continue to be with you. We are in support of the church. We are in support of your pastor. We stand by him; and this church will continue to march forward. I say and declare that the gates of hell shall not prevail against this church in the might name of Jesus.

We are therefore confused about CAN’s position on this matter. From saying COZA is not a member; to saying that the allegations must be investigated and then a public declaration of support.

Meanwhile, your member organisation, the Pentecostal Fellowship of Nigeria (PFN) had on Wednesday, July 10th constituted a Committee to investigate all allegations and report within 2 weeks.

Sir, we ask that in line with CAN’s previous statements, that the actions of Rev Samson and Akanji be immediately condemned publicly and the blanket support of COZA and Pastor Biodun Fatoyinbo be withdrawn until the investigations by the police and the PFN have been concluded.

The church should be a safe place of reformation and healing not an enabling environment for destruction and desecration. The church can NOT support the abuse of its members as our God is a just God. We pray that this process makes the church stronger as we work through this in love as our God is also love.


May the broken find comfort and healing.

God bless us all!


Yours in the Lord,
Olumide Makanjuola

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