“With All Due Respect To All Our ‘Fathers And Mothers Of Faith’ This Is NOT A Time To Be Silent” Fela Durotoye

Statement from Fela Durotoye, Public speaker and 2019 Presidential candidate.


“The wise King Solomon once said … There is a time for everything … A time to be silent and a time to speak.
But you may ask, how do you know when it is time to be silent or to speak up? For me, the answer is quite simple …. when the ‘PEACE of silence’ is taken away from you & the ‘BURDEN of silence’ becomes too heavy to bear.

Only a few people ever find the courage to break out of the PRISON of silence & to speak up about a hurt, a pain, a shame or a fear that has kept them silent for many years.
Please understand that … the way we all react when their silence is broken will either release them into a life of freedom or repress them back into the darkness & bondage of silence; sometimes for the rest of their lives.

Worse still, many of the people who are still under the BONDAGE of silence are also watching to see how we speak & act when someone else finds the courage to break their silence & speak up about something that makes us all uncomfortable.

And so, I thank my dear sister Busola Dakolo for finding the strength and the courage to break her silence & speak her truth. I salute your courage even as I encourage everyone under the bondage of silence to please find the courage to speak up & lighten their burden. Your voice may be the only source of strength and courage that others (who may be in a similar or different circumstance) will hear and be encouraged to break their silence.
Yesterday (Fri.28thJune), Pastor Biodun Fatoyinbo broke his silence and responded contrary to the allegations.

To be clear, I do not have any desire to be a judge nor do I have the competence to judge such an egregious case but I know this for sure … that serious allegations such as RAPE deserve to be fully investigated especially where the names of witnesses have been mentioned and their identities revealed in the story.

I strongly believe that a thorough and independent investigation can only be in the best interest of everyone concerned as well as in the best interest of the body of Christ & the society at large.

To this end, I call on all leaders in the body of Christ to SPEAK UP & DEMAND A THOROUGH INVESTIGATION OF THESE ALLEGATIONS IMMEDIATELY. With all due respect to all our ‘fathers and mothers of faith’, this is NOT a time to be silent. This is the time to speak up.

Now … the scriptures (in Mathew 5:23) provide us with a guide for such a precarious time as this … “Therefore, if you are offering your gift at the altar and then remember that your brother or sister has something against you, leave your gift at the altar first go & be reconciled to them and then come back & offer your gift.” Without a doubt, Pastor @BiodunFatoyinbo is a gifted preacher & teacher of God’s Word … but, our sister @BusolaDakolo has brought a serious allegation against him. Therefore, in line with the scriptures, it is only appropriate that he leaves his gift (preaching & teaching) at the altar in order to first go and attend to this matter, reconcile with the truth and, if exonerated, then return to the altar to serve God’s people with his gift.

The scriptures clearly advise that he should take a break and step aside in order for this investigation to be concluded & justice pronounced.

This is what great leaders do in every nation we admire. Great leaders hold themselves to higher standards of scrutiny and accountability to the people they lead.
This is why they usually step aside in the face of serious allegations to pave the way for independent investigations without interference.

This is especially the case whenever allegations of serious misconduct or crime such as RAPE have been made and named witnesses can be called to testify.
There may be different sides to a story but there will always be only ONE SIDE TO THE TRUTH … and through the transparent process of an independent investigation, THE TRUTH will surely prevail.

The truth will either vindicate or exonerate but without a doubt, the truth will serve justice as it heals a hurting society whose faith has been battered and whose hope may be shattered if this is ‘swept under the carpet’. #iStandWithTheTruth #BreakTheSilence #SpeakUp”