“Every Claimant And Aggrieved Person Deserves Our Collective Support To Find Justice” – Godman Akinlabi

Statement from Godman Akinlabi, lead Pastor of The Elevation Church.


“It is heart breaking to read and watch the various stories of rape and sexual misconduct that have permeated the Nigerian media in the last 48 hours. Every claimant and aggrieved person deserves our collective support to find justice, healing, wholeness and the strength to move on and victim shaming should not be part of our response. Allegations of rape, especially against people in positions of authority and high visibility should not be trivialised but dealt with swiftly and decisively both legally and within the ambits of corporate governance. If they are found to be innocent they too should find support and vindication.

I encourage everyone who needs healing and support for finding wholeness to reach out for help. It is the role of professional therapists and religious organizations not only to provide therapy but also support the quest for justice for the injured, oppressed and aggrieved. That is what Jesus will do. Speak for the oppressed, bind up the injured, rebuke the erring and restore the lost. Just like Isaiah 58 vs 6 says, “Remove the chains of oppression and the yoke of injustice, and let the oppressed go free.”
#istandwiththetruth #Istandforintegrity #saynotorape #speakout”