“I Know That Lives Are Damaged From Abuse Of Any Sort Especially Sexual Abuse, Rape Being The Worst” – Nike Adeyemi

Statement from Nike Adeyemi, founder of The Real Woman Foundation and the president of Real Woman International Inc.


“The burden I woke up with after I hardly slept through the the night. My eyes fell on this book lying across the room which I had hardly read.
Broused for answers I already knew and I knew this is what I wanted to say today.

Speak up if you’ve ever been abused whether you are believed or not, you’d walk in freedom. Get help, professional counseling and trained experts.
As for those who carry out, perpetuate and cover up abuse in our homes, places of worship, offices, government, schools and communities, God is watching you in 3-D because He is a merciful God yet a jealous God.
He will not share His glory with man, neither will anyone go unpunished who would allow children to suffer unjustly.
Parents protect your children as much as you can, don’t be trusting and careless.

I have seen enough at @drealwoman and #lovehomeorphanage.
Reaching out to prostitutes in brothels and on the streets since 1997 I know that lives are damaged from abuse of any sort especially sexual abuse, rape being the worst.

Victims should get help and not be silent
Children often are silent out of fear
Parents as guardians be watchful over your wards?‼️ #endrape #notorape
#preventionisbetter #burdenedmother”